Economic Information


  1. world’s biggest producer of short fiber and whitened wood pulp
  2. world’s biggest sodium chloride producer
  3. largest wood pulp export terminal in the world
  4. greatest export of steel slabs worldwide
  5. world’s biggest steel-slab exporting port
  6. world’s biggest iron-ore exporter
  7. largest iron-ore exporting port in world
  8. world’s biggest iron-ore pelleting complex
  9. largest deposit of carbonaceous sediment (biogenic limestone) in the world
  10. greatest vegetal biodiversity, per hectare, in the world
  11. has one of the world’s longest and most efficient railways
  12. largest Blue Marlin fishing ground worldwide
  13. greatest worldwide production in silviculture
  14. largest steelmaking blast furnace in the southern hemisphere
  15. one of the three biggest chocolate manufacturers in the southern hemisphere
  16. Latin America’s largest port complex
  17. one of the world’s biggest plants for multifunction umbilical cables for deep-water oil and gas
  18. only cathodic carbon blocks factory, in Latin America
  19. has Brazil’s most modern steelmaking plant
  20. Brazil’s biggest marble and granite producer and exporter
  21. the country’s biggest manufacturer of wire rod and commercial and industrial wires
  22. home to one of Brazil’s largest private steelmaking and wire-drawing mills
  23. largest Brazilian mineral pipeline for iron-ore pulp transportation
  24. biggest exporter of nodular pig-iron in the country
  25. Brazil’s biggest producer of wheelbarrows
  26. home to Brazil’s biggest alcohol exporter
  27. Brazil’s largest processor and transformer of temperate glass
  28. 2nd biggest producer of oil and natural gas
  29. Largest Brazilian gas producer, per well
  30. 2nd largest producer and second-biggest Brazilian exporter of fruit juice national leader in public education standards
  31. biggest exporter and 2nd biggest Brazilian producer of papaya
  32. Brazil’s largest producer of green coconut biggest Conilon coffee producer in the country
  33. largest coffee-grain exporting company in Brazil
  34. national leader in production and export of yam, ginger and cará yam
  35. largest orquid centre in Brazil
  36. country’s greatest variety of hummingbird
  37. largest Brazilian tuna fish producer
  38. biggest producer of Malaysian shrimps in Brazil
  39. highest volume of cargo moved, in tons, in Brazil
  40. one of the largest and most beautiful shopping centres in Brazil
  41. biggest calcite producer in the country
  42. greatest number of civil construction companies certified by ISSO 9002 in Brazil
  43. Brazilian pioneer in organic agricultural research
  44. 2nd national producer of raw steel
  45. 2nd largest producer of Arabica coffee
  46. 2nd biggest Brazilian cocoa producer
  47. 2nd biggest black-pepper producer in the country
  48. 2nd biggest production of hens’ eggs nationwide
  49. 2nd largest monazite reserve in Brazil
  50. 2nd biggest titanium producer in the country
  51. 2nd largest national producer of zirconium
  52. 2nd largest Brazilian producer of cement
  53. 2nd best income per capita among Brazilian State capitals
  54. 3rd best Capital in terms of quality of life
  55. 3rd best climate in the world
  56. 3rd largest quails’ egg producer in Brazil
  57. 4th in agricultural research in the country
  58. 4th producer of organic products nationwide
  59. 4th place in Brazilian silviculture
  60. 4th Brazilian market in potential of consumption
  61. 4th producer of natural rubber in Brazil
  62. 4th Brazilian state in basic sanitation
  63. 6th biggest furniture production centre in Brazil
  64. 6th place in Brazilian infrastructure and competitiveness
  65. 7th Brazilian airport in income generation
  66. 8th best economy nationally