The Company



* Biologist, Business Administrator and Economist
* Post-graduation in Logistics and International Trading
* Specialist in Oil and Gas
* Businesswoman
* Lecturer
* Contributor of articles to newspapers, magazines and websites

Has worked as:

* Industry and Commerce Secretary, in Colatina City, ES - Brazil
* Coordinator of Special Projects, Espirito Santo Development Agency
* Economic Development Secretary, Baixo Guandu City, ES - Brazil
* Import and Export Manager for various companies, Espirito Santo and São Paulo States
* Commercial Representative for imported machines, equipment and raw materials for the ornamental stone sector


Bruna Ramos de Souza Pinto
Civil and Revenue Attorney

Carlos Eduardo Cordeiro de Farias
Architecture, Business and the Environment

Clovis Abreu Vieira
Business Consultancy

Cristiane Kiefer
Corporate Events

Eliane de Souza

Kleber Brandão
Customs Clearance (Imports)

Leonel Albuquerque
Aerial Photography

Marcelo Carvalho
Information Technology Services

Mark Thompson

Orlindo Borges
Environmental Consultancy

Pedro Guilherme de Souza Filho
Enterprise Marketing Consultancy
Ramon Negrão
Customs Clearance (Exports)

Rita de Cássia Bassetti Abreu
Research and Information Management

Roicles M. Coelho
Communication Consultancy

Rogério David
Commercial Advocacy

Samira Gasparini
Professional Photography
Teresa Moitinho Sant’Anna
Environmental Consultancy

Vanderley de Souza
Architectural Projects

Wallace Ferreira
Civil Construction

Walter Bonifácio
Energy, Oil and Gas Events and Consultancy